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Monday, November 26, 2018

"I Am" Poems

The "Awesome" classes learned three important poetic concepts:
~The definition of a stanza
~The concept of theme
~Why repetition is a useful tool in poetry

We did this by writing "I am" poems.  It should be easy to find the template we followed as we explored the wonderful qualities that make each one of us unique!

"I am" by Tyler (4th grade)

I am a sporty boy who plays baseball.
I wonder if I will ever be a major league baseball player.
I hear a thousand cheers in the stands.
I see a splash hit swimming away.
I want to be really fast.
I am a sporty boy who plays baseball.

I pretend I am swinging a wooden bat.
I feel like I'm hitting a ball into the stands.
I touch the magical dirt on the field.
I worry that I might not make the majors.
I cry when our game gets protested and we can't go to TOC's.
I am a sporty boy who plays baseball.

I understand I can't play baseball every day.
I say, It's not over till it's over.
I dream of getting drafted by the Pirates.
I try to never strike out looking.  
I hope to play baseball all my life.
I am a sporty boy who plays baseball.

"I am" by Saviana (5th grade)

I am intelligent girl who enjoys math.
I wonder why my teacher doesn't give us more homework.
I hear the scratching of 100 pencils during the SAT's.
I see the numbers on the page joining into answers.
I want an automatic calculator that knows exactly what I'm thinking.
I am an intelligent girl who enjoys math.

I pretend I am creating a new math curriculum that everyone uses.
I feel the rough, lined parchment paper.
I touch the numbers as they speed through my brain.
I worry as I imagine a big fat Zero on my paper.
I cry when I figure out I don't get an A+ due to one problem.
I am an intelligent girl who enjoys math.

I understand that I can't always be perfect.
I say, Never give up!
I dream about my personal office I'll have one day.
I try to be perfect on every paper.
I hope I never get an "F" again.
I am an intelligent girl who enjoys math.

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