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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Snowman Draw Game: Descriptive Writing Fun!

ADJECTIVES, ADJECTIVES, ADJECTIVES!!  Without them, our readers are left with an incomplete picture in their minds.  With that theme, the 3rd-6th graders participated in the Snowman Draw Game.  Here is how it is played:

Step 1: Draw a snowman with a background.
Step 2: Describe your snowman in paragraph form, from head to bottom, with adjectives that tell SIZE, SHAPE, COLOR, and NUMBER.
Step 3: Trade descriptions with a partner, and try and draw theirs while your partner draws yours!

The winners were judged by the class, and the contests were close.  Congratulations to our winners!

Izzy's Snow Family (5th grade)
     I have made a snowman family!  The first snowman is on your left.  He is made of three balls.  He has two round black eyes.  He has one horizontal orange triangle nose.  His smile is five black dots.  He has a black hate that is slightly tilted to your left.  The circle under the top one has a brown sleeveless vest that is outlined with dark blue.  It also has three black buttons going straight down the middle in a vertical line.  His arms are brown.  They are straight with three little fingers at the end.

     There is another snowman on the right.  It is a showgirl.  She has two round black eyes and a horizontal orange nose.  Her smile is three black dots that are slightly moved to your left.  She has a small pink bow on your right.  She has a pink shirt just like the snowman except it's pink and is outlined in gold.  Her arms are straight and brown with three tiny fingers at the ends.  On the shirt, there are three dots organized in a vertical line.  The bottom circle is a skirt that almost goes down to the end, but doesn't.   It is also outlined in gold.  It has three gold lines down the middle.

     There is also one in the middle.  He is a tiny ball not touching the ground.  He is high enough off the ground that he can hold his mother and father's hands.  His eyes are two circles that are black and tiny.  He also has a tiny horizontal orange nose.  (All the snowmen's noses are pointing to your right.)  He has a hate that is rainbow, but you can only see the the colors red, orange, green, and blue, and there is a tiny yellow propeller at the top.  He also has two tiny balls for feet.

     The family is standing on pure white snow.  The dad is holding a golden rope that is connected to a brown sled.  The sky behind them is blue with sixteen tiny golden polka dots.
Izzy's writing was so clear and descriptive, that her partner Sammie (5th grade) drew this!

Josephine's Snow Rabbit (4th grade)
     My snowman looks like a rabbit.  It has a big ball on the top, and a medium ball on the bottom.  It is on a flat snowy ground.

     My snow rabbit has two long rabbit ears as long as the head.  It has two big pencil coal eyes, a medium coal nose, and a smile made of seven small pieces of coal.

     My snow rabbit is wearing a scarf that has alternating red and green stripes.  It has two brown sticks as hands, with three fingers.  For the feet, it has two small snowballs, a little bigger than the coal eyes.

     In the background there is a pine tree on your right, a little taller than the snow rabbit.  There is a present on your right also.  The present is wrapped in green, with a red ribbon bow.  The sky is light blue, with nothing in the sky.
Josephine broke down her parts into such clear paragraphs!  Here is what her partner Amelia (3rd grade) drew:

Kavin's Snowman (6th grade)
     Draw a small ball at the top of the paper, then a medium ball under, and a huge ball.  All balls are gray.

     Draw two eyes in the small ball that are gray.  Draw five dots and the layout should be in the shape of a mouth.  They are gray.  Draw a small orange carrot nose, and a gray hat on the top of his head.

     Draw three small dots that are gray in the medium ball.  Draw a small, red bow at the top.  Draw two stick arms.  Under the stick arms, draw gray icicles.  Draw three gray drops under each tip of the icicles.

     There are four snowflakes for the background.
From Kavin's clear writing, Tyler (6th grade) was able to draw this!
Congratulations to our winners!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Snowflake Sentences

     We are off to a fabulous start in "Budding Authors and Artists," (grades 1-3)  and "Awesome Authors and Artists" (grades 3-6).   Our first assignment of every session is to learn how to develop a sentence into one that creates a perfectly clear picture in the reader's mind.   We start off with a basic sentence, one that is grammatically complete but very dull to read:
The snowflake falls.

     We then add:
~2 adjectives
~an adverb
~A "where" phrase or clause
~A "when" phrase or clause
~"Awesome" students are taught how to start a sentence with "Because."

     After peer editing, which included experimenting with placement of the phrases and clauses for the more advanced writers, the students came up with their final masterpieces.  The art aspect included the favorite activity of cutting a snowflake, and adding some glitter glue or stickers for fun.  Enjoy these samples across the grades!
 The special, pretty snowflake falls softly on my house at night.
Violet, 1st grade

Right when Santa's sleigh leaves, the shiny bright snowflake gracefully falls right at the edge of Santa's chilly home.
Kalea, 2nd grade

During Chinese New Year's Eve, the shiny, delicate snowflake smoothly falls in the cold, chilly air.
Sophia, 3rd grade

 Because it is Christmas Eve, the majestic, delicate snowflake falls on to the trees while the children look out the window.
Abigail, 4th grade

While the children are sleeping, the soft and gentle snowflake falls slowly in the early dawn.
Nikhil, 5th grade