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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fun with Personification

What would it be like to live a day in the life of an object we use, see, or play with every day?  That was the goal of my amazing authors as one of our final assignments.  Enjoy these samples!

My Life as a Rainbow, by Sammie (5th grade)

Light. Wind. Life.  Those are the first things I saw, heard, and felt.  The light shined on me as if I were singing on stage with the spot light gleaming.  The wind bustled up against my colorful skin as if I were the streets of a busy city, and the wind was my people.   My life sprung through me, colors rushing briskly.  I looked around and smiled brightly myself.  A new day had begun.  A new day had begun to make people happy.
I couldn’t quite figure out why the people were bustling about, but the reason popped up right in front of my nose soon enough.  A large, mopey, sad, depressed, cloud drifted over, spraying everyone with her tears. “Hello!  Hello?  Hi!  Are you okay?”  I nearly shouted.  But, the cloud couldn’t hear me because of her ear-peircing howls.  I continued to shout at her to try to get her attention.  It didn’t work.  Finally, when the cloud took a break of weeping, I tried again. “Hi!  I’m Sammie the rainbow!  You are a- a depressing cloud, aren’t you.”
Surprisingly, she wept out again and said, “I already feel bad enough.  Just leave me alone!”  Well of course she felt bad already!  She was drenching the people in her tears!!  This cloud looked so sad, I needed to comfort her~ but the moment I got ready to touch her, all my color got drained from me, and all my happiness was gone.  I backed away warily.  Phew!  My happy, colorful, up-lifting self was back.  The cloud’s moans were back.
What should I do?  I followed the cloud down to the edge of town.  Underneath her, the people ducked under coverings and under umbrellas.  I felt so bad I couldn’t help, but only send them a cheesy smile.  People started actually clapping, as if I were the hero to stop the villain.  The good news of my arrival spread through the town as fast as a juice box spilling and spreading across the concrete.  
It was my time.  My time to stop this horrible cloud. I took a deep breath and asked, “Why are you showering the people in your tears?”  I was so scared at what the answer would be, that I closed my eyes and imagined I was on a fluffy white cloud made of cotton candy with unicorns dancing around me.  And that the sky was a beautiful pink, red, and orange and the sun setting.  
The cloud finally turned to look at me and moaned, “Oh, because I dropped my triple scoop, with sprinkles on top, and chocolate covered cone on the ground right on top of a person.  It was specially made for me!”  she cried.  “I was just having my first lick when a bird bumped into me.”  Oh!  So that was why she was crying.  
“I don’t blame you!”  I whispered. “I would cry too.  What type of ice cream was it?  I love mint chocolate chip.”  I clapped my hands like a little toddler.  Maybe I was being too curious.  I crossed the end of my rainbow hands; hoping that she wouldn’t start to cry again.  The people looked up curiously to see what was happening.  A lot of them looked thankful; and drenched.  The sun started to come up, and my colors shown vibrantly and beautifully.  Flowers started to open and puppies stated to come out to play.
“I like mint chocolate chip, too!  I got that one.”  She pointed down at a huge teal with chocolate chips blob on the ground.  A little girl was licking it up happily.  She was “inside” the ice cream, because it was so big.  Her mom was trying to tempt her to get out of it.  I smiled to myself.
The raging rain storm was over.  All was well.

Dragon Kite, by Charlotte (6th grade)

      The wind in my face.   The view of the grassy hills and oak trees.  All the I, the mighty dragon, am familiar with.  See, while I would love to explore and find out more places of this beautiful earth, it seems my wings have a mind of their own.  They aren't letting me go much further than a certain child allows.
      I'm so high that I am almost completely out os insolent kid's earshot.  I can barely hear him babbling about a kite.
      "Probably just one of the kites around me," I think to myself.  in a deep royal voice.  
      "Come in for lunch, kids!" I hear a tired mom who would clearly rather spend a day resting say.        
      See, kids have a very short attention spans.  They instantly forget what they were doing before, and rush in to receive their lunches.  The child who was previously "flying" me (he holds onto a string that was stopping me from being free) liberates by letting so at last!  I take to the skies and feel the increasing wind speed of winds against my face.
      I would love to fly away from these people, but, the winds are to sting.  Ugh, I feel so trapped in my own body.  Uh-Oh.  Huge clouds , thundering "booms" followed by flashes of light, and a light mist engulfs me, and takes my mind to freedom.  I've seen a storm clouds before and know they are not to be messed with.  I want to be free, to fly myself away form the inevitable death that lay before me.  My wings seem to have other plans, however.
     "Hey, look at that dragon kite heading into the storm!" I hear form a bustling human-infested settlement below me.
     What!? "I am no dragon kite!" I want to scream as realization flows through me.  Realization and one other thing. "WATER!" I think to myself.  
     As I get heavier and heavier, I start to plummet to a strident city.  "I've been living a lie my whole life.  I am no dragon, not even a child's toy.  I am just a mere jumble of soaked felt and plastic."

A Day in the Life of a Pencil Sharpener, by Adeline (6th grade)

     Ugh.  The classroom teacher is opening the blinds.  Speaking of blinds, the bright light coming from the window is blinding.  But it's the same thing every day, the same horrible things.
     Here come the kids.  I'm surprised they're not animals, the way they come in here so loudly and unruly.  And I'm full too; the teacher forgot to empty me.  That means I'm going to be forced to eat more later.  I feel like I'm literally about to burst.
     Oh no!  Here come the kids.  It's like a flood of shouting is rushing into the classroom!  It's so loud in here.... my ears are going to explode!  Thank you, thank you, teacher, for quieting them down.  My ears are saved.  Ugh; the day has barely begun, and I already feel annoyed and exhausted.
     Uh oh.... someone's coming up to me to sharpen their pencil..... No!  Don't feed me anymore!  BLECK!  My insides are all over the round now!  "Ahhh!" I hear the kid yell, then see him start crying and shouting for the teacher, who is only a few feet away.  Wearily, the teacher walks over and cleans up my barf.  Ew, I think.  But I feel a lot better now with nothing inside me.
     It's early afternoon now, and the kids are working, but very loudly.  Some are even yelling across the room, and once again, the classroom is the opposite of quiet and serene.  The teacher quiets them again, but this time, there are still whispers, though not very quiet ones.  Now the teacher is reading a book to her students, and I listen.  This Robin Hood guy sounds really valiant.
     Other than the story, I'm really bored.  Nothing has really happened today.  I can't wait for the day to end, and for the kids to go home.  It's only then after everyone is gone, that it is quiet enough for me to sleep.  I'm so tired, and there are still about three more hours left in the school day before the kids and the teacher go home and leave me alone so I can sleep.  It's so annoying how humans are so noisy.  
     Ow!!  *CHOKE*  Gosh, don't be so harsh-- *CHOKE*  Why does this girl have to shove her pencil down my throat?  *CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE*  Why do I have to be so abused?  I'm just a poor classroom pencil sharpener!  You don't have to be so mean!
     Finally, finally, the kids are leaving for the day.  I hear the teacher sigh, and for a second, I feel a little bad for her.  It's so quiet now that the kids are gone.
     I silently thank the teacher while she empties me, and I feel really thankful for her, and that the kids are gone.  She closes the blinds of the classroom, and locks the door on her way out.  The room is empty, dark, and quiet once again.  Tomorrow, the room will, once again, be the opposite of what it is now.  I wonder if the ear-piercing noises of the rowdy classroom will appear in my dreams tonight-- or rather, my nightmares.
     Good night.