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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Great Inventions

If you could invent a wonderful new product, what would it be?

How would it work?

Whom would it help?

What would its fabulous features be?

Could you sum it up in 1-2 sentences that make your reader HAVE to buy your product?

This was the theme of our Persuasive Writing assignment, and these five questions guided the students to write their five paragraph essay.  I absolutely loved all of my students' inventions, but here are some samples of my favorites.  Would any of these products improve your life?  I know they would for me!

The Delicious Dining Table
By Natalie (3rd grade)

     If I was an inventor, I would invent The Delicious Dining Table.  It would give you what you want for dinner.  It would give you anything from any store or shop.  It would help you a lot.

     The Delicious Dining Table has its own microwave, oven, stove, and a dishwasher.  It has its own arms, and puts your food or dirty dishes in the right appliance.

     The table would help big families and allow them to choose their own snacks, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  It would save you a lot of time.

     The Delicious Dining Table would be found in kitchen stores or shops at a cheap price, just $4.99. When you buy it, you can get the color of your choice for free.

     It is very, very helpful for huge families, maybe even your family.  Come get your Delicious Dining Table today!  If you buy this invention, you will always have a great and awesome dinner!

Sun Stay Away
 by Julie (4th grade)

If I could create a new invention, it would be the "Sun Stay Away." How many times have you heard, "No, noooooo Sunscreen!" or "Ugggg, I missed a spot!"? Well soon, those words will disappear with Sun Stay Away.

The Sun Stay Away is a sunscreen that stays on for five whole days! It also is super convenient for children that will not put on sunscreen because it is sticky, uncomfortable, white, etc. This Sun Stay Away has a funny face and while your child laughs, you squeeze it and it squirts out their sunscreen!

This invention would help people that are light skinned, and especially children who hate sunscreen and who love funny things. It will also help anyone who might miss a spot while applying sunscreen!

The Sun Stay Away comes with a flash spot: a flashlight that finds the spots that you missed. It also comes in colors, so you can be purple for the day! It comes with your initials on the bottle, so everyone will know it's yours. It is now in stores for only $3.00!

The Sun Stay Away will change your family's life! You'll have so much fun in the sun, without any worries.

FFF Necklaces
By: Jennifer (5th grade)

My invention is the Friend Forever Friendship Necklace ( FFF Necklace ). Don’t you see and experience so much drama every single day? People not getting along? The FFF Necklace could fix all that. This invention would turn the worst enemies into the best of friends.
The FFF Necklace would be very easy to use. Next time you see people fighting, you simply give one half of the necklace to each person. This invention does not work immediately, unless the two people are touching each other. The further they are from one another, the longer it will take. If they are more than one mile away from each other when you give them the necklaces, you might have to wait overnight. The magic in the lockets will find the other,  like friends do. Then they will mentally pull the two people’s heart close together and connect them.when you see that the enemies have turned to friends, you can retrieve the necklaces from them. Their friendship will still stay strong as ever!
The necklaces would help people all over the world. People with friendship problems, kids who get bullied, and those who have trouble with sibling and family relationships. Without worrying about these problems, people could focus on work, school, and be stress-free. All thanks to the FFF Necklace!
My invention would only cost $14.99. It comes in any color ( even mixtures of colors! ), shapes, and size. For boys, who would rather not wear a necklace, this invention can also be invisible, or they can put it in their shirt pockets. It is heat proof, water proof, and resists to practically anything damaging. You can customize it just by picturing it in your brain, and you will never lose it, because it has a special connection to whomever it belongs to!
The future holds a friendship forever world, and it can start with you! The FFF Necklace ensures a drama-free, friendship-filled world for all!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Snowman Draw Game!

     The Snowman Draw game is a super fun, on-demand writing activity that teaches how important it is to use adjectives in one's writing!  Adjectives tell:
     And if you forget just one type of adjective, your partner won't be able to draw your snowman!
     Here is how you play:
Step #1: Draw a snowman.  Make sure to include a background, and be creative!
Step #2: Write a vivid and thorough description of your snowman using adjectives in every sentence! Make sure to write a paragraph for each feature so your reader's eyes are easily guided.
Step #3: Trade descriptions, and attempt to draw each other's snowman without any help or talking!

     Winners were selected by the class and given Blog Honors.  Congratulations to our winners!

My Snowman, by Tyler (4th grade)

     My snowman is formed upside down.  He is unusual in many ways.  First, at the top, is the big ball, then the medium, and then the small.

     My snowman's head is really big.  He has two black coal dots for eyes.  He has a pickle nose in the middle of his head.  It's small and oval shaped with two dark green vertical lines, and the rest is shaded green.  His mouth has nine coal dots, and are formed in a smile.  Also, he has a red top hat on his head.

     His medium ball has two black coal dots on it.  His arms come out from the side of his medium ball, and are on the middle of his ball, and his arms are brown.

     His little ball has one black coal dot on it.  Also his body is outlined in black.

     He is on a hill that's green and is outlined in green and is halfway up the paper.  The sun is yellow and is in your right hand corner with ten rays.

     The sky is blue and is only about half an inch down the top of the paper.  It should end up close to the sun.

     Can you draw my snowman?

     Tyler wrote so clearly that his partner, Kalea (4th grade), was able to draw this!  (Love the Pickle Noses, you two!!)

My Snow Creature, by Josephine (6th grade0

     My snow-creature is a pig.   It sits on a hill that is about 1/4 of the way up the page.  The hill is a bit round.

     My snow pig is formed by two snowballs.  The top snowball is small and white.  The pig has two pink triangles for ears.  It also has two tiny round coal gray eyes.  On the bottom, there is a pink, oval snout with two pencil oval nostrils.  Underneath the snout, there is a small pencil smile.

     The bottom snowball is medium, twice as big as the top snowball.  There is a scarf that is dark and light blue.  There are four dark blue stripes, and four light blue stripes.  They alternate dark, light, dark, light, dark, light, dark, light.  The two ends are on YOUR right of the scarf.  The end on YOUR left is light blue, the end on YOUR right is dark blue.  On YOUR bottom right of the snowball, there is a curly pig tail that loops once.

     On YOUR right, there is a green pine tree that looks like three triangles stacked on top of each other.  On the top of the tree, there is a tiny yellow star.  The tree has a brown stump.  On YOUR left from the tree, there is a small present a little bit below the tree.  It has red ribbons wrapping it and has green wrapping paper.  There is also a campfire on the bottom left corner.  It is medium-sized.  The fire has gray rocks around it.  The red and orange fire has two logs under it that criss-cross each other.  On YOUR right from the fire, there is a black s'more stick with two tiny white s'mores on the end with a little bit of space between them.  The stick is diagonal; it goes from the top left to the bottom right.
     In the sky, there are two clouds, one on YOUR left, and one on YOUR right.  The one on YOUR right has a yellow sun on YOUR left from the cloud.  The sun is medium with eight long triangular rays around it.  The clouds are snowing 25 snowballs snowing from them.  The sky is blue.
      Josephine got partnered with her sister!  They used their sister powers to read and write so carefully!  Look at these twins!

My Snowman, by Theo (3rd grade)

     My snowman looks like a normal snowman.  The bottom is big.  The middle is medium.  The head is small.  The whole body is yellow.  He sits on a large blue hill that goes halfway up the paper.  The head has one black, small top hat.  It has an orange bird on the left of his hat.  He has evil, red eyes staring in the middle.  His mouth is jagged and white.

     His middle has three black buttons on it.  There are three brown stick arms on each side of the body.  They each have three brown stick fingers.

     The bottom ball is big and yellow.

     There is a large green pine tree on his left.  There is a tiny green bush on his left.  There is also a gray jagged rock on the snowman's right.  The sky is blue.
I love how Theo wrote everything in such clear paragraphs to guide his reader!  This is a first-time ever feat: two 3rd graders won Snowman Draw!  Here is how James (3rd grade) drew Theo's twin snowman:

My Snowman, by Alyssa (5th grade)
     My snowman is a bear, and its head mostly takes up the whole bottom space.  It wears a carrot hat, laying on snow and there is a crescent moon in the background.

     Start off making your paper hot dog style.  Then draw a circle one inch above the bottom of the paper.  Then draw a watermelon shaped hat upside down on top of the head.  In the middle of the hat, draw a carrot with a green stem.  Then draw stripes meeting in the middle.  Draw six lines.  Do a pattern of green, white, green, in the stripes you made.  At the top of your hat, make three little skinny flower petals, then color it green.  In the middle of the ears there is red.  Its eyes: the right one is winking, while the left one is a circle, and inside the circle is another small circle.  North east and south west is a kinda thick blue line in the eye, which s turquoise.  The rest of the eye is black.  Its nose is a small hot cocoa.  The cocoa is brown and the cup is red with a handle on the left (which is also red.)  Under the hot cocoa, draw a little line.  The head is light blue, but make sure it is super light.

     The feet are round circles connecting to the head.  Two paws are in front and to little tiny paws in the back.  It's the same color as the head: light blue.

     The torso connects the two paws, not in front, but from back to front.  It's the same color as the head and paws.

     The snowman is sitting on snow.  The snow is white and is only 3 1/2 inches from the bottom.  It's just a black line, and inside is white.  In the right corner is a light yellow crescent moon.  Its points are facing right.  The background is just a blue shade.  It is dark blue, colored lightly.
Alyssa and Saviana (5th grade) are pro's at this game!  They have played this game for three years, and clearly are great writers and readers!

Monday, November 26, 2018

"I Am" Poems

The "Awesome" classes learned three important poetic concepts:
~The definition of a stanza
~The concept of theme
~Why repetition is a useful tool in poetry

We did this by writing "I am" poems.  It should be easy to find the template we followed as we explored the wonderful qualities that make each one of us unique!

"I am" by Tyler (4th grade)

I am a sporty boy who plays baseball.
I wonder if I will ever be a major league baseball player.
I hear a thousand cheers in the stands.
I see a splash hit swimming away.
I want to be really fast.
I am a sporty boy who plays baseball.

I pretend I am swinging a wooden bat.
I feel like I'm hitting a ball into the stands.
I touch the magical dirt on the field.
I worry that I might not make the majors.
I cry when our game gets protested and we can't go to TOC's.
I am a sporty boy who plays baseball.

I understand I can't play baseball every day.
I say, It's not over till it's over.
I dream of getting drafted by the Pirates.
I try to never strike out looking.  
I hope to play baseball all my life.
I am a sporty boy who plays baseball.

"I am" by Saviana (5th grade)

I am intelligent girl who enjoys math.
I wonder why my teacher doesn't give us more homework.
I hear the scratching of 100 pencils during the SAT's.
I see the numbers on the page joining into answers.
I want an automatic calculator that knows exactly what I'm thinking.
I am an intelligent girl who enjoys math.

I pretend I am creating a new math curriculum that everyone uses.
I feel the rough, lined parchment paper.
I touch the numbers as they speed through my brain.
I worry as I imagine a big fat Zero on my paper.
I cry when I figure out I don't get an A+ due to one problem.
I am an intelligent girl who enjoys math.

I understand that I can't always be perfect.
I say, Never give up!
I dream about my personal office I'll have one day.
I try to be perfect on every paper.
I hope I never get an "F" again.
I am an intelligent girl who enjoys math.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Thanksgiving Poems

     After wonderful discussions on all that we are thankful for, both the "Budding" and "Awesome" classes were guided through focusing on the five senses and writing a poem that showed all of the important things they are thankful for.  Enjoy these samples!

Thank you 
for all my hands can hold--
sweet candy,
teddy bear stuffy,
my kittens,
my little brother,
and sparkly pens.

Thank you
for all my eyes can see--
my hands,
my hair,
my school,
and my toys.

Thank you 
for all my ears can hear--
funny jokes,
wind moving,
kids playing,
and my iPad.

by Katherine (1st grade)

Thank you
for all my hands can hold--
pandas soft,
blankets warm,
delicate flowers,
soft covered books,
and my family's heart.

Thank you
for all my eyes can see--
unique family,
a clean environment,
glorious bible,
gigantic waves crashing to the shore,
and inspiring teachers.

Thank you
for all my ears can hear--
my family's great laughter,
an enthusiastic "I love you!"
unique birds singing in the dead of night,
the laughter of my friends,
and my sister singing nice and softly.

by Carissa (2nd grade)

Thank you 
for all my hands can hold--
in my bed
with stories told
parent hugs
all warm and tight
drawing and sketching
in the light.

Thank you 
for all my eyes can see--
leafy beds
dancing in the breeze
cotton candy
floating in the sky
pretty flower beds
birds that fly.

Thank you
for all my ears can hear--
rustling trees
sounds in my ear
water trickling
my mother calling me
sparrows singing
chatter of my family.

by Jennifer, 5th grade

Claire (4th grade) went the extra mile and focused on ALL FIVE SENSES in this beautiful poem!

Thank you 
For all my hands can hold-
Ice cubes cold,
My mother's hand
So warm and nice
The falling leaves
A blanket to mice.

Thank you
For all my eyes can see-
Exquisite bluebells
Wind and sea,
My father's face
So kind and old
The stories which
My grandma told.

Thank you 
For all my ears can hear-
Blowing breezes
At the end of the year
My grandpa's voice
So loud and sweet
Swirling footsteps
As my family meets.

Thank you 
For all my nose can smell-
Baking cookies
That taste so swell
The morning dew
So fresh and clear
My nanny's mushrooms
When they're near.

Thank you
For all my tongue can taste-
Delicious muffins
Baked in haste
Steaming white rice
My favorite kind
Rows of sushi
Neatly lined.

Noun Poems!

     This fun assignment taught the "Budding Authors and Artists" all about Nouns!  They learned common and proper, and that nouns name a person, a place, or a thing.  The students did not know what they were creating as I asked them to list various types of nouns.  Then they were asked to fill in the blanks, and they learned that had made a creative, humorous poem in the process!  I chose Kate's (1st grade) as our sample for this assignment, because I loved how "candy" and "school" were so important, plus, she colored her border so beautifully!

Costume Description Game

     The "Budding" class got to play "The Costume Draw Game!"  Here is how you play:

Step 1: Draw yourself in your Halloween costume.
Step 2: Write a detailed description using size, shape, and color adjectives.
Step 3: The teacher hangs all the pictures on the wall, and reads the descriptions out loud.  If the class guesses your picture on the first try, it means you wrote a PERFECTLY detailed description!

     Natalie (3rd grade) wrote a very detailed description of her beautiful picture.  Enjoy!

     My costume has a bright yellow triangular horn.  It also has two wings that are big and golden.  I'm also wearing one big rainbow dress, and a rainbow mane and flat shoes.  My favorite part of my costume is my beautiful rainbow tail!  My background has one bright moon, three houses, my basket, and one pumpkin that is round.  My costume is cute and beautiful!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Monster Draw Game

ADJECTIVES, ADJECTIVES, ADJECTIVES!  We need them to paint the clearest picture in our readers' minds-- we want our reader to see exactly what we see when we write.  This on-demand writing game is perfect to practice that.

Here's how you play:
1. Draw a monster (this game was fun to play the week before Halloween!)
2. Write a description of your monster (use paragraphs to guide your reader!) that is so clear and vivid, that your partner can draw your monster just by reading your description.
3. Trade descriptions, and try to draw each other's monsters.

Tell Size, Shape, Color, and Number in every sentence, and you just might be surprised at the twin your partner draws!

Congratulations to our class-voted winners!  Here they are:

Kathleen's Monster (6th grade)
     My monster's head is a big heart.  It is bubble gum pink color.  My monster has two oval eyes at the upper middle part of the head.  The eyes look to your downward right, and are an aqua green color.  The nose is a small spiral at the center of the head.  It is outlined by a yellow green color.  The mouth is a red rectangle at the bottom of the head.  There are five triangular teeth on the top, and none on the bottom.  The teeth are plain white.  My monster also has two big horns that point outwards.  There are six sections of the horn, evenly spread out, that alternate orange and black, starting with orange at the bottom, and ending with black at the tip of the horn.

     The body is just a big blue circle, starting at the lower half of the heart head.  The two arms point straight outward at the upper middle of the body, and are three medium sized balls.  They alternate green and aqua, starting with green at the ball closest to the body, and ending with green furthest from the body.  The two legs are the exact same number, size, shape, and color as the arms.  The legs point slightly outwards and are about three inches apart from each other.

      The background is simple.  There is wavy grass at the bottom of the page, and the tips of the grass waves point slightly to your right.  The sky is a pale blue color that covers the rest of the page.

 Kathleen wrote so clearly that Sophia (5th grade) was able to draw this twin!  The girls had fun going back and reading how the pupils were described, as that is pretty much the only thing off with these two.  These two monsters are really twins!

Sabrina's Monster (4th grade)
     My monster is medium large and has a light pink outline.  The top is curved and the sides are straight and the bottom is zig zags.  The eyes of my monster are two medium black circles.  Now color in the bottom parts of the eyes black.  Draw a violet purple mouth shaped like a circle.  On the bottom of the monster, use silver and put it in the zig zag shape of the monster.  For the ground, make a straight line in silver, but don't put it on the very bottom of the paper.  On the left side of the monster's head, draw a small aqua green bow.

     On the left side of the paper in the corner of the monster, draw a gray cloud, and then do the same on the other side.   Below the two clouds, draw one golden yellow lightning, one on each side.  On the right of the monster and the right of the lightning, draw three violet purple, two pink, and two aqua green balloons.  At the end of the strings of the balloons, draw a medium-sized black blow.  Finally, on top of the silver ground, draw two green bushes and little small red dots.

     That is my monster!

 Sabrina did a great job with size, shape, color and number adjectives!  Here is what her partner Julie (4th grade) drew!

Michelle's Monster (5th grade)
     My monster's head and body are together.  Let me start with the upper part!  My monster's whole body is basically a ghost with jellyfish stinging strings.  The body of my monster is cotton candy pink.  For the bottom swirly part of the ghost, there are four upside down "hills" to be a ghost.  Make the hills different shapes and sizes.  The body is around 5 1/2 inches, and the stinging strings are 3 inches!  Its stinging strings are yellow, purple, blue, and lavender.  There is a yellow glow around the whole body (but not the stinging strings)  Let the yellow blend in!  The body will also be in the middle of the page.  There is a white dot to the right in the eye.  The mouth is basically just a purple, simple dot, not so far below the purple eyes.

     The background is very specific.  The ground is 1/3 of the paper.  The ground is just plain green.  The sky is light black, with nothing in it but a whole yellow moon with a purple crescent moon inside it.  The moon is on the right side of the night sky.

     I hope my paragraph is specific enough!

Michelle actually ended up getting her 4th grade sister, Natalie, as her partner!  Look how well these two work together!