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Monday, May 2, 2011


The students and I had a wonderful lesson in poetry.  We discussed five fabulous poetic tools that can be used to make poetry sound fantastic:
1. end line rhyme- rhyme at the end of a line
2. internal line rhyme- rhyme in the middle of a line
3. alliteration- when two or more words close together start with the same sound
4. repetition- repeating a word or phrase for emphasis or playfulness
5. onomatopoeia- when words sound like their meaning

The students had to pick at least two tools to use in their poem.  So many fabulous poems were turned in, so it was hard to choose just a few!  Here are some of my favorites:

Momo, by Miyuki (4th grade)

My dog Momo is really big
She really likes to dig
Her fur is pretty, soft, and blonde
She likes to drink from the pond
Her ears are floppy
Her drool is sloppy
She likes to talk
While we take a walk!

(Did you find end line rhyme and alliteration in Miyuki's playful sounding poem?)

Here is another wonderful poem on a pet dog, by Arushi (4th grade)

Pitter Patter! go the tiny paws
Dogs like mine have no flaws.
All dogs love having a bone.
But most dogs hate wearing a cone.
My dog is kind of small,
She won't become too tall.
Dogs are very furry.
Think of all the bones they'll bury!

(Did you find end line rhyme and onomatopoeia in Arushi's clever poem?)

Here is Max's (4th grade)-- He taught me a lot in this poem!

Gadgets, by Max (4th grade)

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets, let me tell
about a few that work real well.
grappling guns are so much fun,
you can give them to anyone.
all cool men like laser pens
you can keep one in your den.
tape recorders are on the borders,
if you want one you just have to order.
ear buds will tell you so much,
you can listen to such and such.
and now that you really care
I just have to tell you to beware, beware, beware!
This info is secret stuff,
and with it you'll be super buff.

(Wow!  Did you find end line rhyme, internal line rhyme, repetition, and alliteration??  Way to go, Max!)

Here is a beautiful poem about a favorite vacation spot:

Hawaii, by Sianna (4th grade)

Hawaii has beautiful beaches and seas
Oh!  I love the colors, there's blues and there's greens.
Crash!  Hear those beautiful background waves
Crashing and creating the water in caves.
There are so many seashells to find and enjoy
They're all different colors, I feel overjoyed.
There is so much to see
I just cannot possibly
Explain the true beauty
Of Hawaii.

(I love how Sianna varied her end line rhyme pattern at the end!  She also used onomatopoeia and alliteration!)