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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pledge of Allegiance Translation

How many kids recite the Pledge of Allegiance and have NO idea what they are saying?  The "Budding" class got to translate the Pledge into language they could understand!  After studying definitions and picking the ones that would fit best, the students began to recite a Pledge that contained words that helped them understand the importance of the words they were reciting!
After learning the vocabulary, they got to color and design flags, and glue them above their words.  Here is a beautiful sample done by Tiffany (3rd grade.)

I promise to be loyal to the flag of the United States of America, and to the government for which it stands, one country under God, undivisible, with freedom and fairness for all.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Great Inventions!

     In honor of Thomas Edison's birthday on February 11th, the students were to come up with a  creative invention that would help improve their lives, the lives of others, or perhaps even the entire world!  They started off with a story map that would eventually lead to their 5-paragraph essay.  (The Budding Authors and Artists filled in the blank with a similar outline.)   The paragraph topics were:
1. Introduction: Name and briefly describe your invention
2. More details/how it works
3. Whom your invention would help
4. Other important or cool facts
5. A conclusion that would make the reader want to buy your invention!

It was very difficult to pick my favorite inventions!  So many of these would improve my own life!  Would you buy any of these products?

The Barry Bonds Bat, by Tyler (1st grade)

     If I were a great inventor, I would invent a Barry Bonds Bat.  It would help people always hit home runs.

     First, you would tap it and it will wake up.  Next, it will be ready to bat.  Then when you swing at any ball, you will hit a home run!

     My invention would help anyone in baseball and softball.

     The bat would change to any colors you want for boys and girls, and it would only be $4.

     I think my Barry Bonds Bat would be helpful to a lot of baseball and softball players!

My Invention, by Alex (2nd grade)

     If I were a great inventor, I would invent a Talking Floating Ducky.  It tells whose turn it is if you have a brother or sister when you are playing a game.

     First, you squeeze the floating ducky, and it turns on.  Next, it floats in the air.  Then, it tells whose turn it is.  Finally, you poke it, and it floats down and sleeps.

     My invention would help younger brothers and sisters if they have a hard time taking turns.

     It costs $12.69.

     My Talking Floating Ducky would be marvelous!


My Identical Twin Helper, by Danika (3rd grade)

     If I could create a new invention, it would be the "Identical Twin Helper."  It helps people that have identical twins and can't tell which one is which.

     "The Identical Twin Helper" is a toothbrush shaped item that would work like this.  You slide the button in the middle.  Then you push the black button on the bottom.  Next, you put the toothbrush in their mouth.  Slide the button up, and their name will appear!

     My invention would help every parent that has twins.  Teachers, coaches, and doctors would find it handy too.

     The toothbrush costs $10 and comes in one size.  The colors are purple, pink, blue, green, black, yellow, white, red, and orange.

     This invention will definitely help you if you have identical twins and can't tell which one is which.  My invention is amazing!

The Astounding Dish-Table, by Flo (4th grade)

     Aren’t you always complaining about having to do the dishes? Or having to set the table? Well you can kiss your troubles goodbye with the all-new Dish-Table!

     Here is how this staggering invention works. First, you press the “set table” pedal and any dish you’d need would pop up. After that, you can pick up the plate, serve food on it, and eat your meal. Next, you would step on the “wash” pedal. Your food would automatically be scraped off your plate, your plate will be washed, and would be prepared for the next time you set the table.

     This creation would help anyone who has ever needed a helping hand with the dishes, or just didn’t have the time or desire to do the dishes.

     The starting price for this product is $1,500 USD. You can order a rectangular, circular, white, black, formal, or wood-styled Dish-Table. A cool fact is that the Dish-Table is solar powered, so it’s great for the environment.

     This miracle-working table will minimize disagreements around the world. No more arguments about who’s turn it is to wash the dishes!

The Flavor Changer, by Morgan (5th grade)

     Are you a parent that gets stressed at every meal time?  Well, fear no more!  The "Flavor Changer" is a new hi-tech chip that you can place in your child's mouth.  Every parent would have one less problem to stress about if they purchased this awesome product!

     The "Flavor Changer" changes the flavor of a food your child doesn't like.  All they have to do is think of a flavor, such as chocolate, and as soon as they bite down, the flavor sprays all over their mouth.  The best part about it, is that it has the same healthiness as the food with the original flavor! The chip uses mini suction cups to stick to the child's mouth.  They can't feel it there, and you can take it out at any time.

     This new invention would help picky eaters and annoyed moms who want their kids to eat a balanced meal.  Imagine how much easier yours and your child's life could be!

     The "Flavor Changer" comes in five different colors: red, blue, purple, green, and black.  It is only $7.99 for 21 in each pack, one for each meal of the week.  As a bonus, it comes with different suction cups that you can switch out, and a case!

     My invention would be a stress-relieving product for picky eaters and parents everywhere!

"No Regrets," by Rebecca (6th grade)
     Have you ever stayed up at night, wondering what would happen if you had done something else? Well, worry no more!  Now with the brand new "No Regrets" invention, you can live with one giant weight lifted off your shoulders.

     "No Regrets" is a small tablet or a large machine, depending on your preference.  Activating this machine is as easy as the simple tap of your finger.  There are two modes: decision-making and alternate-ending mode.  In decision-making mode, you can scroll back to the desired time.  Then, you can interact with the others and relive that moment.  When alternate-ending mode is activated, you can remake your decisions without it altering your current state.  You can then see the future after that decision, either in slo-mo, normal speed, or elapsed time.  You can change between the options at any time.  The uses of "No Regrets" are both handy and plentiful!

     This machine can help people of all shapes and sizes.  For example: students.  They can retake a test or choose a different work partner.  Adults can use it to apply to a different college or job, and decide on a different major.  Anyone and everyone across the globe can benefit from this invention.

     Don't fret if you fear you won't enjoy the basic look and style.  There are multiple options!  Colors include chartreuse, burgundy, crimson, teal, silver, gold, black, and white.  Sizes range from small to large, weak to powerful.  You can get it with buttons or a touch screen.  There are several charging options: solar, manual, batteries, or plugged in.  This invention is fully customizable!

     Whoever you are, wherever you are, your life can be improved by the "No Regrets" invention.  Live life with No Regrets!