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Friday, December 25, 2015

"Santa's Long Journey"

I thought all of you readers would enjoy a story my daughter wrote for Santa.  She and Santa exchanged books for the second time this Christmas.  Enjoy this adventurous story!

Santa's Long Journey
by Miss Huff (4th grade)

This book is dedicated to: My family, Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves.  I hope you enjoy this book!

     "Ho, ho, ho!" Santa laughed.  It was Christmas Eve again, and Santa was getting ready to leave the North Pole.  But first, Santa had to eat.  Because he was SO hungry, he was in his red chair drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies.

     Once Santa finished, he was on his way.  He gave the reindeer three carrots each, and then got on his sleigh and was off in the dark blue sky!

     A while later, Santa saw his first house.  Three children lived there.  A two-year old boy, a six-year old girl, and a seven-year old boy.  They were very sweet and loving children, so none of them got coal!  Santa gave the girl a doll, the two-year old boy a bouncy ball, and the seven-year old boy a bike.  He knew they would love their toys.

     But when Santa went down the chimney, his boot got stuck!  He had to use a magic candy cane to get it out.  Then he put their toys in their stockings and then went back up the chimney.  "One house down, many many more to go!" Santa exclaimed.

     Santa got on his sleigh and went to the next house.  When he got there, his reindeer were making a lot of noise.  It was very unusual because they were normally very quiet on the roof tops.  But Santa figured out what was happening right away.  They were very very hungry!  So Santa took care of that.  He gave each of them five carrots!  

     "Phew!" said Santa.  "I thought they would wake up the whole neighborhood!"  Then Santa went down the chimney.  

     But when he got down the chimney, Santa noticed he was very hungry.  "Lucky for me I'm going to get a bunch of cook-" Santa stopped.  There on a tiny plate was only ONE cookie, and it was only about two inches long!  So Santa dropped off the gifts and went up the chimney.

     Then Santa went to another house.  This family had a five-year old boy, a seven-year old boy, and a nine-year old girl.  When Santa got down the chimney, Max, their dog, started barking and trying to bite Santa!  So, he scrambled back up the chimney.  Santa made a plan.  His plan was to give the dog a bone.  

     So he went back down the chimney and threw a bone at the dog.  Santa grabbed his cookies, slammed the gifts into the stockings, and got out of the house.  "Oh my gosh!" said Santa.  "That was a rough dog!"  The reindeer looked at Santa like he was crazy!  

     Santa felt like he lost his magic touch!  "I don't want to go to any more houses.  I'll just probably make a fool out of myself."  But the reindeer told Santa to keep trying.

     Then Santa went to the loving Huffs' house.  He had to go through the door because they had no chimney.  But when he went to their stockings, his bag broke one of the ornaments!  "Oh no!" cried Santa.  "Not another mistake!"  

     So Santa had to sit down and make another ornament for them.  Luckily, the Huffs were very sweet, kind, and understanding.  They had hot cocoa, snickerdoodle cookies (10 of them), and two carrots for each of the reindeer.  So Santa had cookies and hot chocolate while fixing their ornament.  He gave the nine-year old girl a rabbit and rabbit hutch, and also an orange from the North Pole that she had been wanting.  He gave the six-year old boy an orange and some Legos.  He knew they would LOVE their things.

     Then Santa went out the door and back on to his sleigh.  Then the reindeer took off.  Santa was very pleased with the Huffs' loving hearts.

     After he visited all of the other little girls and boys, Santa was very very tired!  He slowly rode back to the North Pole.  When he got there, he had to tell Mrs. Claus about all of the mistakes he made.  But Mrs. Claus said, "It's okay Santa.  You just have to learn from your mistakes."

     "I guess you are right," said Santa.  "I will learn from my mistakes."  

     "I'll make you some cookies.  It's been a long night," said Mrs. Claus.

     "I hope all the children like my gifts," said Santa.

     "I'm sure they do," Mrs. Claus said thoughtfully.

     That night, Santa looked in his magic crystal ball and saw all of the little boys and girls that got gifts.  They looked very, very happy.  "It looks like I did do a good job after all," said Santa to himself.  "Everyone is having a very merry Christmas," thought Santa.

     "Merry Christmas, Everyone," Santa whispered.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Monster Draw Game!

     The "Monster Draw Game" is an activity all of my returning students look forward to, as it is a fun one-day game that we turn into a contest.  Each year, the returners want to do as well as (or often times better!) than they had the year before!  The Monster Draw game is fun for kids, with the emphasis on art and the competitive element, but as a teacher, I know it's valuable because:
1. It teaches the importance of using adjectives to describe
2. It teaches students to write quickly yet clearly.  (This includes penmanship.)
3. It is an excellent exercise in reading comprehension.
4. It's fun!!

Here are the steps to playing:
1. Draw a monster.
2. Look carefully at your artwork, and write a description that is so clear and vivid, that someone who reads your writing can draw your monster.
3. Trade descriptions, and draw each other's monster.
4. Compare how similar (or different!) your monsters are!  

     Every year, this game teaches valuable lessons, and often times leads to giggles with partners giving each other a hard time about leaving out some important piece of information!  It is clear which element was left un-described when papers are passed back and compared!  

     Closes-to-perfect matches won Blog Honors.  Enjoy these monster twins!

Sammie's Monster (4th grade)
     My creature is very cute.  It's basically just a cloud with eyes, wings, a bow, mouth, legs, and arms.  The mouth is close to the bottom of my creature.  The mouth is pinkish purple.  The eyes are closed and they are also pinkish purple.  She also has little pink eye brows.  Because it's a girl, she has a bow on top of her head.  The bow is purple in the middle and blue on the outside.  It is a small bow.  She has little light blue wings.  The wings are NOT shaded in.  She has two little arms on each side.  They are purple.  She also has two little legs and feet that are light blue.  She is lightly shaded in with pink.

     The background has three trees, two hills, a rainbow, and sun.  The hills are overlapped.  They are short.  In front of one of the hills is one of the trees.  That tree is on my monster's left.  Then there is a tree that is under my monster.  Finally, there is a tree on my monster's right.  They are all brown on the stumps, and green for the leaves.  Then there is a rainbow that is going across the sky from one hill to the other.  By the way, my monster is in the air flying.  The rainbow is a little bit hidden by my creature.  There is a little sun with a smile on it on my monster's right.  The smile on the sun is the same as my monster's.  It is mostly yellow.  The sun's smile and eyes are red.

     Can you picture my creature?

Sammie wrote very clearly, and Anjalia (4th grade) read very carefully, because here is what she drew!

Sophia's Monster (4th grade)

     My monster has a light green square shaped body, but it doesn't have sharp corners.  It has one long floppy ear on both sides of the square.  It has one hand on both sides in the middle outside.  It does not have any fingers except for a thumb facing the inside part.  The legs are like two little nubs with feet, but no toes.

     The mouth is just a long horizontal black line with a red tongue sticking out in the middle.

     There is one circle eye on the right side, and on the left side there is an X.

     The background has a bit white full moon with a cloud covering the bottom part of it.  My monster is standing on the green ground.  Above the rightt ear, there is a black bat flying in the purple sky.

Congratulations to Danika (3rd grade)!  This was her first ever Monster Draw contest, and she was a winner!

We had a late arrival at one school, so two students partnered up to draw and write this:
Sammie and Mira's Monster (4th and 6th grade)

     My paper is horizontal.  The monster is standing in the middle of the paper.

     My monster has a square head.  It has little antennae on top of its head.  They are red.  The eyes are little and blue, and there are two of them.  Its mouth is red, and it is a straight line.  The head is shaded light blue.  The body is also a square, but a little bit wider.  It is dark blue.  The arms are magenta.  They are straight with little hands on each arm.  There are three arms on each side of the body.  The two legs are dark blue.  There are little magenta shoes on the legs.

     The background behind the monster is quite picturesque.  Six snow-capped light purple mountains are behind the monster, and they are quite large.  Eleven twinkling yellow stars gleam in a sky-blue night, and a low-hanging full yellow moon is amongst the stars, a little near to the edge of the right side of the paper.  On the monster's left, there is a tiny orange pumpkin on the ground.  It has a green stem and one tendril.  Two triangular eyes and one smiling mouth make up its face.  The ground is a horizontal straight black line.  The grass beneath the ground line is a mixture of green, yellow, and brown colors.
Wow!  Such a thorough description with teamwork!  Niki (5th grade) read carefully and came up with this duplicate picture!

Rebecca's Monster (6th grade)
     My monster is worm-shaped, and lives in a lake.  Its head sticks out of the water, as well as a curved bit in the middle and at the end.  Think of the loch ness monster.  The skin is composed of blue/gray scales, though the bottom/under belly is a soft yellow.

     The monster's face is pointing to the left side of the paper, so only one of two eyes are seen.   The eyes are almond-shaped and a bright red.  Its nose is nothing but two dark nostrils at the end of its snout.  Coming from the nostrils are grey tendrils of smoke.  It has no visible mouth.

     The monster is in a light blue lake, though where the monster sticks out it is darker.  The lake is on the right side of the paper, and reaches about 4/5 to the left side.  The end on the right is not seen.  The top of the lake is flat, and then it juts in then back out again.  The curve is a 90 degree angle.  It then goes back in.  The ground outside of the lake is brown.  Gray rocks dot the rim of the lake, as well as green plants/weeds.

     There is a yellow sun in the upper right hand corner, with beams of light reflecting on to the ground (though it does not show in the water.)

It should be mentioned that Rebecca ended up with her twin sister Sophie (6th grade) as a partner, so not only are the artists twins, but so are their monsters!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Personification: My Life as a Pumpkin

     It is time for our biggest project of the semester!

     The "My Life as a Pumpkin" story incorporates a lot of fun steps.  First I showed the students pictures of the stages of life of a pumpkin that my children and I had planted.  From seed leaves to vine leaves, from tendrils to flowers, and of course, the final pumpkin product, the students learned about it all.  I also read them a book about the process of growing pumpkins.

     When the science lesson was over, we then imagined what it would be like to be a seed, a vine, and eventually a pumpkin.  Would we be nervous?  Excited?  Optimistic?  Pessimistic?  Grumpy?  Scared? These were all moods that came to mind for my students.  They were so creative!

     The older students were challenged to pick a mood out of the bag and match their story to that mood.  This was an excellent challenge for my returning students who had done this project before, as well as any student who wanted to get pushed outside their usual comfort zone with voice and style.

     Once our mood was decided, we story mapped the 5 W's (who, what, when, where, and why) of each of the three chapters: Seed, Growing, and Pumpkin.  Once story maps were checked for clarity, rough drafts were written.  On the third week, final copies were getting turned in!  This was a big assignment, and one that many students enjoyed.  I hope you enjoy reading these samples from across the grades!

My Life as a Pumpkin
by Tyler (1st grade)

I started as a seed.
     I started my life as a cool and fantastic seed.  I got planted in spring.  I was with Drew, Brady, Zach, Daddy, and Mommy.  I got planted in dirt and seven days later, I had a green sprout.

  I began to grow.
     Then I became a huge vine.  I was in a dirt patch in Mommy's and Daddy's garden.  It was July.  Drew, Zach, and Brady were next to me.  My vines got big.  My vines got tangled with my friends.  My yellow flower got so big that it took all the sun from the other plants!  Then my flower got pollenated by five bees.

     Then, I became a pumpkin.
     I ended my life as a pie and a prize jack-o-lantern.  It was October.  I was the biggest pumpkin!  Mommy baked me into a pie, and I ended my life in her tummy.

My Life as a Pumpkin
by Alyssa (2nd grade)

I started as a seed.
     I started my life as an excited and tiny seed.  I was in a Hawaiian garden in Spring on a sunny day.  My best friend was with me.  A girl named Alyssa squished me in the brown and stinky dirt.  That hurt!  Then it rained, and I grew and grew and grew into a green sprout.

     I began to grow.
     Then I became a twisty and swirly vine.  I was still in Alyssa's garden.  It was June.  My friend and I played catch with dirt.  Then I grew into a big, tall, and golden flower.

  Then I became a pumpkin.
     I was at home on Halloween on a spooky night.  Alyssa was with me.  Finally, I was pumpkin cake.  I felt warm and happy.
     At first, I was green, but then, I became a real, big, orange pumpkin!

My Life as a Pumpkin
by Ridley (3rd grade)

Chapter One
     I am going to tell you about my good life as a pumpkin.  I started out as a seed in a pumpkin.

     I was discussing a plan with my brothers and sisters about when we get out of our mom.  Just then, something cut right into our mother’s stomach!  We were all terrified at the sight of the object right in-front of us.

     It started to go around as it cut our mom in half! Then hands came in.  They grabbed us, and pulled us out of our mom. 

     Outside the sun was very bright.  It really hurt my eyes.  The hands lifted us up and put us into the soil.  In the soil, it was cold.  I was a bit scared.

Chapter Two

     Oooh, I had two little leaves above me.  They were so small and cute!  Woah!  I looked up at the other vines. They were huge!

     A few weeks passed and then I had this yellow flower on my head, which was a small green ball!  It was very pretty.  It got a bit looser than a week ago.  I hoped it wouldn’t fall off!  I had grown very fond of it.  If it did fall off, then I wouldn’t have my umbrella!  I started to get sad and scared a bit.

     After I talked to myself a bit I got tired, so I went to sleep.

Chapter Three

     Ahhhhh!  Hey stop that!!!!  The farmer was pouring water on what used to be my tiny little leaves, but now they are huge leaves.  Anyway, he was pouring icy-cold water on my head!!  When that was done, it felt like my vines were frozen!

     The farmer suddenly walked toward us!  He stopped at me, (like I said, I am the oldest of my brothers and sisters.)  For once, being the oldest was a bad thing.

     A razor sharp knife cut into my vine!!  It hurt so bad!!  Soon enough I was off the vine.  I heard the farmer say that I was off to a fair! Since I was huge, I might just win the contest!

     Then somewhere I heard something about Halloween.  I might end up as a decoration on Halloween!  I hope I won’t be carved.

     When we got there, the farmer opened the car door.  He lifted me off the seat and outside the car.  I could see the fair.  It looked really cool.  There were ferris wheels and clowns!  There was a place for the competition.  I was placed on a square wooden place.  The judges judged us very carefully.  I hoped I would win 1st place.

     A few minutes passed.  The judges finally announced who had won the prize.  It was…..US!!!!  We were so excited.  I wished my brothers and sisters were there.  They’ll have their time.

     It was Halloween night and I was outside on the porch.  All the people who drove by would not have seen us outside if it was not for the candles in our heads.

     We were now all big and oranges like creamsicles!  I was so excited, but now I must end my life story.

My Life as a Pumpkin

By Sammie (4th grade)

Chapter 1: Starting as a Seed

      “Ouch!  That hurt!” I said.  “That sun is very bright,” I thought.  Suddenly, I got gently placed into the planter box by Laura, Tyler, and Sammie.  Then I felt warm water sprinkle on me.  My seed coat was getting wet, so I knew that it wouldn’t be long until I would grow. 

       I was in the planter box with my best friend Anjalia Seed.  I talked with Anjalia a lot because there was really nothing else to do.  Then I finally got little legs.  I knew I was growing!

     Three days later, I got little seed leaves.  My legs also got bigger.  I was actually becoming a real pumpkin plant!  What an exciting day!

     That night, it rained a lot.  In the morning, I felt the wonderful warm sun.  I felt like I was growing!

Chapter 2: Growing Up

     A week later, I felt different.  I felt taller and stronger.  My vines and leaves were getting bigger.  My was also becoming very curly.

     One morning, I noticed a little green ball, and a golden dress on me.  “What is this green ball?” I thought.  Then Tyler started to water me.  It felt very good, because it had been hot for the past few days.

     Two days later, I felt very dry.  I realized that Tyler hadn’t watered me yesterday,  “Oh no!” I cried out loud to Anjalia.  “I can’t lift my arms!”  Anjalia said it would be okay.  That’s what best friends are for.

     Then she told me she saw Tyler coming to water us.  Phew!  I was rescued!  He dumped the water on me.  It felt very refreshing to take a bath.  Lucky for me, I was feeling all better.  “Yippee!” I exclaimed.  I am saved!”  My arms shot up in the air in happiness!

     The next morning, I saw a paint brush coming into my dress.  It tickled a lot!  I was being pollinated by Laura!  She was gentle and sweet to me.

     That night, my dress closed.  I felt sad because my flower dress had made me look extra fancy.  And now, it was all crinkly!

     Over the next week, my pumpkin ball got bigger.  But something else terrible also happened.  My flower dress completely dried up and fell off!

“Oh no!” I gasped to Anjalia.  I feel so exposed!”

     Anjalia replied, “It’s okay, Sammie.  My flower also fell off a few days ago.  It just means that we’re starting to become real, actual pumpkins!”  That made me feel much better, and grown-up!

Chapter 3: Making New Friends

     Because I had vined out so much, I met two new friends named Isabel and Sophia.  I told Anjalia that I met two other pumpkin plants, and she became friends with them, too! 

     We talked and played Volleyseed with each other.  We played with an old seed that Sophia found in her planter box.  We all had a great day.

     Later that evening, someone hurried through my front gate.  He slammed the gate, and it hit my planter box.  “Aaaahhhhh!” I exclaimed.  It’s an earthquake!”

     Finally, the shaking stopped.  I felt like I was going to be sick.

     Then Anjalia said, “What was that?!  That dude was in a hurry.  I don’t want to be around him when he is mad like that.”

     I looked at the house.  The man that stomped through the gate went into my owner’s walkway.  “What is he doing?” I thought.  He put something into a box.  Then my owner came to the door and said, “Thanks for the mail.  Next time, please be more careful with the gate because of our pumpkins!” 

     “Okay, I will,” he answered.

     The next day, I felt bigger.  Anjalia also looked bigger, but she was asleep.  I was very thirsty.  I knew it wouldn’t be long until Tyler watered me.  I also knew that if I kept on eating a balanced diet, I would get bigger and bigger, and eventually change color!

     Suddenly, I was Tyler with a hose.  The water felt excellent.  But Anjalia was still sleeping, and the cold water that felt fantastic to me, woke Anjalia up with a fright!  She was not happy.  But I said it was good because she was going to grow!

     A week later, part of my body was orange.  I was very excited!  I looked over at Anjalia, and saw she was also a little bit orange.  But, she was smaller than me.

     Later that morning, we were playing Volleyseed.  But when Sophia did a spike, the seed cracked in half.  “So much for that game,” muttered Isabel. 

     “I think Sophia is too strong!” I told my friends.

     “Thank you, thank you very much!” said Sophia.

     “What are we going to play now?” asked Anjalia.

    “I have an idea!” exclaimed Isabel.  “We could play Volleyleaf!”

    Sophia asked, “How are we going to play that?”

     “It’s simple,” explained Isabel.  “One of you has to tear off a leaf to play with….”

     “NOOO!” we all screamed.  “We need our leaves to get sunlight to keep growing!”

     Five days later, I looked over at Anjalia, and she was frantic.  “What’s wrong?” I asked.

      “I have bumps all over me.  What’s wrong with me?  Do I have chicken pox?!” she exclaimed.

     “I’m sorry, I don’t know,” I admitted.

     Then Laura came out and said, “Look!  We got a lumpy bumpy Goosebumps pumpkin in our garden!”

     This was good news to us.  “It’s okay, Anjalia.  That’s just how you were meant to be.  That is your variety.”  My news made her feel better.

     “Okay, I trust you,” she said, as she breathed a sigh of relief.

     Two weeks later, I was getting more and more orange.  I was very excited.  I looked over at Anjalia and she looked very bumpy and beautiful.  We knew that Harvest Time was coming, and we would get picked soon!


Chapter 4: The Time of My Life

     It was five days before Halloween, and all of my friends and I were going to get cut from our vines.  Just the thought of getting cut by those sharp shears gave me nightmares!  I wondered what it would feel like to be off of my vine after being attached there for my whole life.

     Then one day, I saw Isabel and Sophia getting picked and put on to the walkway.  I knew it wouldn’t be long until it was my turn!

     The day I got picked was a very happy day.  Sammie and her mom came out of their house with some pointy shears.  Then I saw them bending down to pick me.  “Aaaaaahhhh!”  I exclaimed.  “I’m going to get cut!”

     Then, all of a sudden, I heard a “SNAP!” and I was off the vine.  I was surprised and thankful that it actually didn’t hurt! 

      Then Sammie picked me up and almost dropped me because I was very heavy!  When her mom saw that Sammie was struggling, she took me instead.  I felt safer then!  Once they put me on their porch next to Isabel and Sophia, I saw them bending down to pick Anjalia.  She looked very scared, but once she was off the vine, she saw me and looked happier. 

     Suddenly, they picked up Sophia and Isabel, and brought them inside.  I wasn’t sure what was happening to them while they were in there, but there was no screaming for help, so I figured they were okay.

     The door opened, and out came Isabel and Sophia.  Isabel’s white skin had a bunch of holes, and in the holes, Laura and Sammie had stuck lollipops for the mysterious people that they called trick-or-treaters!   (We had no idea what “trick-or-treaters” meant.)  Sophia was carved with the word “BOO!” on her peach skin.   I was devastated to see that the insides of my friends had been hollowed out.  That must’ve felt very weird, and I didn’t want it to happen to me!

      That afternoon, I got taken into the house and got put on the table.  I was wondering what my owners would do to me!  Sammie approached me with a skinny tool with bristles on the end.  Then, I felt this thing tickling me.  I was getting a massage, and it felt very relaxing!   

     I must’ve dozed off, because when I awoke, I saw I had been painted with a cat’s face on me!  I thought I looked very dazzling!

     So here is where my story ends.  My friends and I are all dressed up for Halloween.  We have seen many trick-or-treaters coming up to the door and taking the lollipops out of Isabel’s head tonight.  I feel very proud because all of the kids are saying how superb we look.  We are all different varieties with different designs, but we are all great friends.  I wish Halloween could last forever!

On May First.
By Bette (5th grade)
Chapter 1- A Seedling
It was May first, and I thought that I was the most excited seed ever alive. I was finally being bought from the store. Also, I wasn’t alone, so that made me even more excited. I had never actually seen dirt so I was a little bit curious.  
Finally we had made it to the house. They took us out of the shopping bag and failed to rip us open. The tallest, (which I am guessing is the mom) went to the knife producer. She took out a pair of scissors and snip!  We were open. The 2 girls poured us into each of their hands. I wound up in the dark haired girl's hand. She walked a little and then poured us into the soft soil. It felt like a soft blanket wrapping around my body.  I decided that I would get a snack and then I would sleep for the rest of the day!
“Ah!” It felt like heaven being watered for the first time. It was a sunny Saturday, and the twins had come out to feed us with fresh water. I love how we get all of this extra food. I am getting bigger and I overheard someone saying something about us sprouting a flower soon.
Chapter 2
A Flower
They were right, I have just sprouted a beautiful yellow flower. I have a small green ball at the end of it. Today I have started to grow vines. They are long, green and prickly. They tend to like to touch everyone around me. I am gathering sunlight and water for my dress (flower).
Today I saw something. It was big and it was yellow and black. I have seen it coming to other flowers around me and landing on their flowers. I have heard that it’s called “pollinating”. The twins came out today and were fighting over who would water us. They dropped the water and it spilled all over me. It made me feel cold and drowsy. I have been wilting ever since. Their mom came out to see the other day and said that I was being “Over watered.” It made me scared until today when she said that all the twins have to do is not water me for a little bit. I have been waiting for the creature to come strike me. All of neighbors have been hit and I am hoping that today the creature will come!
Tonight I have my eyes open for “It”. I can see it in the far distance, and it is getting closer by the second. Finally it is here and it is like a dragonfly; it just keeps buzzing. It has landed on my flower and it is putting something into my dress. I looked up. It was “pollinating” me. I was so scared the next day because my flower has started to shrivel up and my ball is getting bigger!!

Chapter 3
A Grown Pumpkin
    I have said goodbye to my dress and my ball is huge; by that I mean it is the size of your hand. I am not drowsy, and I have been really happy, because they said that once I am “A full grown pumpkin.” I get to be put for sale at the farmers market.
Apparently, a holiday called “Halloween” is coming up. They want to put me up for sale for someone to buy me and carve me into a jack-o-lantern. I am happy but sad since I have to leave all of my friends. I am growing to an orange color, and now I am the size of a soccer ball. They said tomorrow that I would go on sale at the farmer’s market.
Today is the day that my friends and I will go into someone else’s world. I am in the truck on the freeway and we are passing a lot of cool buildings. I am so excited that I get to see the outside world.
We finally made it to the farmer’s market. They took us out and put us on a shelf. We cost $5.00, and we had an extra carving set for $2.00. I had stayed there for three days when someone finally bought me. She had a son named Jack and had long blond hair. I was in her car when I realized that she had bought the carving set as well. Now that I think about it, she is going to cut my top off and cut a face into me. This was like having plastic surgery…. but for a pumpkin!?!
When the family and I got home they put me inside. They ripped the carving set open and got to work. My top was cut open, and all of my guts were spooned out. When they were done, I had 2 triangle eyes and a smile for a mouth. I was put outside.

My life ended the day after that. Her son had thrown me on the ground since he was mad he didn’t get to have a playdate with his friend Joe. My last thoughts were that I hoped that if my seedlings are planted, they have a better ending of their life.  I had a great life and I hope that all of my seedlings do too.  

Pumpkin Story
By Adam (5th grade)

Chapter 1: Seed

    “Where am I?” I thought. One moment I was having the time of my life. I was riding on a strange black thing that I heard was called a conveyor belt. Then I was in a strange vehicle with many wheels. I decided to take a nap, but the ride kept on bumping, so I couldn’t sleep. I soon slept without realizing. When I awoke, I was in a weird place with many giants, all of them different sizes. There were little giants that were very tiny compared to the large ones.

    Soon, a mini giants hand zoomed in to my bag, which my friends and I were in. The mini giant grasped my body, and I could hardly breathe. One of the mega giants were poking holes in the ground, and throwing my friends and I in them! I was outraged. I tried to escape, but I had no time, and legs. The mini giant released the grasp, and threw me in the hole. In a matter of seconds, I was buried.

    I couldn’t see, hear or feel anything. They separated me from my friends. Why would they do this to me? I am so paranoid! I then started to feel we. The water from above has finally reached the under-earth that I called home. Yet, the water wasn’t enough. I wanted to shoot at it, but I had no mouth. Why was my life killing me? What did I do Mother Nature? Let me live. As if on cue, I started to grow legs. My seed coat fell off, and I was rising. I could barely see the bright yellow sun.

    Finally, I was green, a nice fresh green. Although I was a blue seed, I was green. Thank you Mother Nature. I could see of my friends, rising out of the ground. Life is amazing. Now all I need to do is stay alive.

                     Chapter 2: Growing
    It was great to finally be able to see the world. The sun was a very amazing feature to have in life. Yet I was still nervous. All these mini giants would always crowd around me. I always have the feeling they’re planning a secret way to pull me out of the ground. But I knew that couldn’t be true. Yet they would always watch me from a distance with those devilish eyes. I wanted to yell at them and tell them to go away, but only my mad neighbors heard my complaints.

Soon the mega giants came outside to escort the mini giants back to the strange room they would hide in. As they went one by one into the strange room, I was think of taking a nap, but in the corner of my eye, I saw on remaining mini giant. It stared into my soul with its devilish eyes. I tried yelling at the mega giants, but only my frustrated neighbors could hear me again. I had never felt more stalked in my life.

The mini giant started to approach me. I was freaking out. What if it killed me? I looked for any possible escapes, but there weren’t any. It now started to run. This is not how I wanted my life to end.

I soon lost hope. My life would end here. I knew it. But then there was a miracle. The mini giant tripped, and some strange red liquid oozed out of it. A terrible noise came out of the hole in its face. Water was coming out of its eyes. That should teach it a lesson, I thought. The mega giants escorted it to a different room. I felt a little bad, but it was going to kill me so we are even.

As the days went by, I started to grow more features to my body. First my arms started grew up out of the ground, and many vine leaves as well. Then my hair started to grow. It was a funky yellow. I was confused because I was a blue seed with yellow hair. But when I looked at my friends, they all had the same yellow hair I had.  So I was satisfied.

The worst type of days that I experienced were the hot ones. I heard from my neighbors, that too much heat would end you. I decided that I would like the cold better, so I wouldn’t have too much heat and die.

The worst time of day is when it is so dark. Legends say it is called night. At night you would see dark and spooky things. But I never saw any dark and spooky things, at least not until October 21.

I was taking a nap, my looking a fresh yellow, when I had heard a small rustle in the bushes. I immediately woke up and scanned the area. A yellow and black figure appeared. It bolted towards me. I was as scared as a pumpkin that was about to die. I closed my eyes waiting for the pain to strike at me. Nothing happened. I looked up and saw the “thing” walk on my hair. It sucked some strange yellow bits in my hair. Then it had left like nothing had happened. Frightened, I went to be. I had a dream of me as a seed in my bag, having a normal life.

Later that day, I woke up by the sound of my own snoring. How embarrassing I had thought. It was a sunny day, I was looking up at the sun when my hair started to curl together. At first I thought it was my imagination, but then my magnificent yellow hair fell off, right in front of me. I was outraged, why would this happen to me I had thought. Later, I forgot the whole thing because I was growing tall. I was proud.

                    Chapter 3: Death

I was a blue pumpkin, a vivid blue pumpkin. To my pumpkin friends I was an astounding blue pumpkin, but to the giants, I was food. It was a normal day. I was getting ready to rest, but then a mega giant’s hand grasped my blue body, and yanked me out of the ground. I was frightened, as they took me into the room.

Mega giants are stupid, I had thought. They had put me the pumpkin, in a warm box, hoping to make me into pumpkin pie, so sad. They carried me into a room with many giants, mostly mini giants. They carried me to the strange box, and placed me inside it. I was so worried. They were no escapes. I then started to spin as the mega giants touched the box in different places. Each second the box got warmer and warmer, I was boiling. The heat was so strong, that it had killed me. What a horrible way to die.