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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thomas Edison's Greatest Invention

     The "Awesome Authors and Artists" participated in a fun persuasive writing/speaking assignment.  Week #1, they learned all about Thomas Edison's most famous inventions, and formed groups based on their opinions on which one was THE most important.  They wrote essays together (or sometimes separately, if no one chose to agree with them), using teamwork and research to come up with the best arguments.  Week #2, the students met with their group to fine tune and add any new arguments, and then had fun debating with a speech and a question/answer session.   I gave the students the option of symbolically joining someone who had persuaded them so well that their minds got changed.  (I say "symbolically," because they were a little worried they would have to write a second paper!  I made sure to let them know that all they had to do was get up and join that new group in spirit!) 

     Sophia (5th grade) was one of those students who started this assignment off alone, and ended up convincing Sammie and Samantha (5th graders) to join her group due to her persuasive arguments.  She also did a great job of proving that Thomas Edison's other inventions wouldn't be possible without this one.  Bravo, Sophia!  Here is her piece:

     The Powerful Power Stations!

     I chose the power station as Thomas Edison's most important invention because it controls everything and makes everything work!  I hope that you will be convinced that the power station is the best invention by Thomas Edison.

     There are tons of power stations everywhere.  They are so important!   They help run video games, light bulbs, schools, shopping malls, factories, and many more important things that everybody loves.

     Without the power station, the world would be dark because of no light at night.  Countries that have few hours of sunlight would not be able to see!  People would starve to death because of no power to help the refrigerators keep food cold.  There would be no light to write stories on the typewriter or to help build the electric train!  Kids wouldn't be happy, because they couldn't play with electric toys.

     The power stations bring light to the dark world!

     Dylan (6th grade), Charlotte (6th grade), and Joseph (5th grade) all agreed that the phonograph was Edison's most important invention.  Here is why!

     The Phonograph is the best of Thomas Edison's inventions.  The Beatles, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC wouldn't be around if not for the phonograph.  The phonograph also led to things that we use daily, like CD's and tape recorders.  If there were no DVD's, there would be no videos of shows that you forgot to watch in the theater.  Also, without the phonograph, there would be no sound from the phone.

     Sometimes, if the music is fast, it will make you fast too.  If it is slow music, it might have the opposite effect.  This can also be a good thing because if somebody has anger issues or someone has high blood pressure, it can make them calm and then lower their blood pressure.

     This is why the phonograph is easily, by far, the greatest invention.  It inspired other inventions.  If not for the phonograph, many other inventions wouldn't exist.

     Sophia (3rd grade) picked the invention Edison is most famous for: the light bulb.  Enjoy her beautiful introduction, body, and conclusion in this well-organized essay!

     The light bulb is very important.  This invention changed the world.  It really helps light up your day!

     The light bulb is used to bring light to billions of houses.  Millions of people use its warm glow to light up classrooms.  Without the light bulb, this writing club would be held in almost entire darkness.  The simple light bulb led to modern lights, like the ones in this classroom.  The world needs light!  

     Candles used to be used instead of light bulbs.  They may set fire to paper or wood.  They may even set fire to your entire house!

     Imagine living in a northern country during winter.  You would only have two to three hours of daylight each day!  You would be living in vast darkness!

     No light bulbs, no streetlights or headlights.  No streetlights or headlights, no taking nighttime walks or driving at night.  Light bulbs really help light up the world!

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