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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Our Greatest Inventions!

     After studying Thomas Edison and his greatest inventions, the students got to invent their own amazing new product!  The "Budding" class wrote one paragraph describing their inventions.  The "Awesome" class wrote a five paragraph essay, after outlining:
~a title and brief description
~how their invention would work
~whom it would help
~any interesting features/cost
~a fabulous "sell it" conclusion

     Here are a few of my favorites across the grades!

The Positive Attituder, by Lucy (6th grade)
     What do you see when you look at a city?  You see busy people who claim they don't have time, but somehow they find the time to complain.  "The Positive Attituder" will prevent these cities from moaning!  All you have to do is put these magical earphones on your head and fall asleep.  It will create a positive idea about the day ahead.

     This phenomenal and easy machine gives you a Can-Do attitude.  All you do is put the otherworldly machine over your ears.  It plays soft music to lull you to sleep, and once you are asleep, a soothing voice whispers encouraging thoughts into your worthy mind.  Then, the next day, you are ready to seize the day!

     This wouldn't just help busy, city people.  This invention aims high to help any stressed person.

     Anyone can get different designs to go on these supernatural earphones.  It only costs an undemanding price of $9.99, so it can be affordable for any occupied and thwarted person.  The size is also adjustable for any head.

     With "The Positive Attituder," anyone can be successful.  They can also be inspired to make other beneficial inventions to help improve others' lives!

     The Insta-Print, by Ethan (5th grade)
     Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847.  He was a great American inventor who made the light bulb.  Thomas Edison's light bulb changed the industrial world.  This new machine called the Insta-Print will change the world forever, too!

     Have you ever heard a student say, "Ugh!  I'm done with my rough draft, but now I have to write a final copy."  Or, "I don't have enough ink to make then copies.  I wish I had a printer that doesn't use any ink."  Or, "I wish printers didn't have cords, didn't malfunction, and I also wish printers were easy to set up."  With the Insta-Print, these complaints will never be said again!

     The Insta-Print is very easy to use.  First, write your notes, essays, or draw a drawing.  Next, choose your paper type, color, and size.  Then, choose black and white, or color.  Fourth, push "print," and wait five seconds.  Then, the thing you want to print will be printed!

     This invention would help 1st-12th graders most.  But this invention can help artists, authors, or anyone who wants to write a paper only once!

     The Insta-Print is only $34.99 and is available on Amazon, Prime-Now, and EZ Buy.  It is also available in retail stores like Target, Walmart, Costco, and Safeway.  The Insta-Print comes in fifteen modern colors.  It can fold up and fit in your pocket!  This Insta-Print is different from a printer because the Insta-Print does not need ink, and is cordless.  You might think, "Then I guess it needs batteries instead of cords."  If you thought that, you are wrong!  It does not need batteries!  The Insta-Print is easy to set up as well.  It's perfect!

     Next time, when you need an essay or school paper, it will be PERFECTLY easy!

Painless Teeth Toothbrush and Toothpaste Set, by Sasha (4th grade)
     Don't you want your wiggly teeth to come out painlessly?  Well, buy the Painless Teeth Toothbrush and Toothpaste.  It makes your loose teeth come out without any discomfort.

     The Painless Teeth products are easy to use.  You put the toothpaste on the brush and brush your teeth.  It will not make all of your teeth come out.  It works for loose and wiggly teeth only.  You wait one minute, and the tooth falls out painlessly.

     This invention would help millions of kids all over the world.  No more hurting teeth?  That would be heaven!  If you're a parent, wouldn't it be nice to not have a screaming child yelling at you when you are trying to pull out their loose teeth?

     You can get this product in any color.  One dollar less if you get it in blue.  One dollar more if you get it pink.  You can customize the color and the flavor!

     Never have painful loose teeth again!

The Book Jumper, by Daniella (4th grade)

            How many times have you ever wanted to play a character in a book? Well the Book Jumper is for you!
       These are the easy steps which you have to follow to make the Book Jumper work. You would get the book and it would scan your face. This screen would appear with a keyboard next to the screen. Next you would type in the name of the book you want to go into, and the character's name you desire to play. You would open the book to find a whirling tornado. It would cover most of the room. You would do the biggest jump you can imagine. Then you would find yourself spinning in every direction. Finally, you could see the setting of the book. You get to play the character you chose for the whole year.
This invention would help all book lovers because you can get to know the book better and you can experience all of the feelings that the character has. It would also help the Authors of the book because all the people who go in the book would give feedback to the Author.
This invention has many cool facts. There’s no cost, and the book jumper would appear when needed. The design would appear when you type in the name of the book, (the design that sutes the book will appear). Even if you’re a girl, you can play a boy! The book is magical, so it can read your mind and see if you want to change a boy to a girl, or the other way around. It even works on all comics.  If you only watched the movie, you can’t use it, and if you never even read the book (you’re sad in my opinion) you can never use the book jumper!

Think about it; going to fictional, foreign lands that only you can say, “That’s my dream come true!”     

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