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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Monster Draw Game!

ADJECTIVES, ADJECTIVES, ADJECTIVES!  They have been a big theme for my classes this year.  Without adjectives, the reader is left with an incomplete picture.  With adjectives, we see exactly what the author wants us to see and comprehend!  Size, shape, color, and number adjectives tell it all!

That was the theme of the "Halloween Monster Draw Game."  The game went as follows:

Step 1: Draw an imaginative monster.
Step 2: Describe your monster in clear detail.  Each sentence should describe a feature with size, shape, color, and number adjectives.
Step 3: Trade descriptions with a partner.
Step 4: Draw a picture of that monster based on the description.  If the description is extremely vivid, clear, thorough, and complete, the monsters will end up to be twins!
Winners got some Trick-or-Treat candy as well as a spot on the blog.  Congratulations to our winners!

Ben's Monster (6th grade)

     My monster has an oval body, the long way horizontal.  It has six skinny legs with three toes on each foot.  The legs are gray.  It has blue stripes in a turquoise shade.  It also has yellow stripes double the size of the blue ones.  There are four yellow stripes and three blue ones.  It has an orange small crest on top of it.  Its eye is orange and has a red pupil like a snake's.  The eye is a half circle evil eye.  Since it is facing sideways, only one eye is visible.  The mouth is like a sideways "v" with four yellow teeth on the top and bottom.  It the background there are two snow-capped mountains that are brown at the bottom.

This description was so vivid, that Riley (5th grade) was able to use his excellent reading comprehension skills to draw this:

Portia's Monster (5th grade)

     My monster has a big round head attached to a wobbly skinny body.  My monster has one big eye with a spectacle.  It has two arms, one skinny and one fat, and two legs that are both skinny.  The body has many colorful skins.  The head is aqua, and the eye is yellow with a red pupil.  The neck is orangish yellow.  The arms and chest are pink with purple polka dots.  The stomach is blueish green, the hip is blue and the bottom is pink.  The legs are neon green.  The background has colorful waves and the water is pink.  On the top of my monster's head, there is a red mohawk.

I love all those size, shape, color, and number adjectives!  Sulwen (5th grade) did a great job with reading and drawing:

Kevin's Monster (4th grade)

     My monster is a big, long, horizontal oval that is blue.  He has two medium-sized green antenna with green small balls on top.  He has two big eyes which are write and a small triangular brown nose.  His facial features are arranged as a human's.  He has a horizontal red mouth which is like a long red line.  He also has two medium sized white buck teeth.  He has two feet dressed in green shoes and centimeter-long legs covered in red socks.  He has two short white arms with hands, and the hands have four fingers.  His hands are like Mickey Mouse's, except they are a bit smaller.  His hands and legs are like a human's.

     He is standing on a yellowish beach and in the background there is the blue sea.  The turquoise sea is bigger than the beach.  In the top left corner there is a small green sailboat with a red sail.  The boat is very simple. 

Kevin did such an outstanding job with his description that Emily (4th grade) practically drew the twin!

Ellery's Monster (5th grade)

     My monster has a big circular body outlined in yellow.  It has five oval eyes connecting, alternating the pupil, down-up.  The pupil is teal.  It has two periwinkle small round noses.  It has a small smiling red mouth with a tongue.  The outline of it is red, and it has a red vertical line on it.  It has a teal trianglular mohawk centered on top of its head.  It has a medium purple polka-dotted bow tie right below the mouth.  My monster has two inch purple boots with circles at the end.  My monster has NO arms!

     My monster is walking on a two inch thick green lawn that dips on the right side.  There is a medium pink car on the right side below the monster.  The background has a horizontal one inch thick periwinkle sky, and in the right corner there is a yellow sun halfway showing.  The rays are yellow, alternating small and big.

     My monster's milkshake is a one inch tall periwinkle milkshake with a brown upside down L straw.

Great details!  And Annika has outstanding reading comprehension skills to produce this monster's twin!  (How does this monster hold the milkshake without any arms??!) 

Andrew's Monster (3rd grade)

     My monster has a big circle body with orange curly skin.  It has four purple small eyes and a green huge nose on every arrm.  It has a huge purple mouth with sharp white teeth.  He has huge spikes.  He has long hairy arms and no hands.  He has long vertical legs.  He lives in a huge black house with lightning everywhere.  Zombies are rising from the dead with mauled skin.  There is a gray full round moon.

These were my youngest participants in this game, and look how well Emaan (2nd grade) followed Andrew's directions!

 Congratulations to all of our winners!

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