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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Election Day!

During the week of the election, my students and I had a great time brainstorming ideas that would make great propositions to put on the next ballot.  We also talked about what would make them fantastic presidents if they were to run for office.  Enjoy these, and feel free to comment on if you would vote for them or not!

Proposition 100, by Ryan (4th grade)

     My name is Ryan, and I think that you should vote yes on proposition 100.
In California, GAS prices have gone up. At Shell, the GAS was $5.50 for a gallon last week! 

     Millions of people are losing money due to high gas prices and the owners of GAS companies are owning five mansions! People could start liking to actually go and buy gas for a low price. We should not have to worry about the oil companies making money. You should not have to waste precious money on gas. You should spend money on things that will help you not worry. People should also save money and not have to spend it on so much gas that will have to be paid for again in the next few days.  And people would like to go and see the world in a car if gas was cheap. In New York City the people in hurricane Sandy need gas for their car. The people there are in dire need for gas.

     A gallon of gas will never go over $1.00 ever again. So vote yes on proposition 100.

Proposition 43,952, by Crystal (5th grade)

     Vote YES on Proposition 43-952, but only if you want to lower taxes (which everyone does, right?)  Right now, people are wasting their money by trying to pay high taxes.  If people don't have enough money to pay taxes, stores won't have cash to improve themselves.  Then, stores won't be able to pay taxes, and the government will be angry.  When the government is angry, bad things happen and our economy will crash.  If the economy crashes, people will have no money to buy anything, and the whole cycle will repeat itself over and over again.  All of these tragic, miserable events could actually happen in real life.  (This is your last warning!)  If you want to lower your taxes, or if you don't want this whole cycle to keep repeating itself, vote YES on Prop 43,952.

Clarke for President!  (3rd grade)

     I want to be the president of the United States of America because I would make No Smoking anywhere a law.  I would also make more hospitals.  I would also make a law that if you get arrested, you would stay in jail until the president decided what to do with you.  I think I would be a very good president because I would only make good laws.  I would also make cars that had jetpacks and airplane wings.  Vote Clarke for President!

Katy for President!  (5th grade)

     If I could run for president, I definitely would for so many reasons.  Vote for me, an ambitious, determined, friendly, hard-working, smart Girl Scout for president!  If I were president, I would pass Proposition 150, making sure everything under $15 without tax is free.  Also, I would pass Prop 231, creating no kennel fees for vacations. Prop 155 would make your credit card bill lower, and Prop 234 would make sure you DON'T pay more money for taking pets on vacation.  You should vote for me because I am trustworthy, and I am excited to run.  This could change YOUR life because my laws would change the economy, bills, and vacations.  If you want a trust-worthy president, vote for Katy!

Jacob for President!  (5th grade)

     Imagine a handsome and strong president who is willing to risk everything, including his life, to keep his country safe and have the economy balanced.  That's why you should vote for me.  I have all of those good qualities, but here are some more reasons you should vote for me.

     First of all, I will be open to spending half of the country's tax money on giving all of the homeless people a place to live, and lower the tax rates.  I will do this because many people do not have homes and are having a miserable life due to worrying about where they're going to sleep tonight or tomorrow.  Tax rates would also support people having homes because lots of people have lost their jobs and to make matters worse, they will have to pay a lot of money on taxes, even though the government already has trillions of dollars.  I will definitely stop this now because this is all just unfair.  

     Picture everybody sleeping in a home with their family, worrying about very little.  That's what will happen if you vote for me, Jacob.

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