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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Great Inventions

If you could invent a wonderful new product, what would it be?

How would it work?

Whom would it help?

What would its fabulous features be?

Could you sum it up in 1-2 sentences that make your reader HAVE to buy your product?

This was the theme of our Persuasive Writing assignment, and these five questions guided the students to write their five paragraph essay.  I absolutely loved all of my students' inventions, but here are some samples of my favorites.  Would any of these products improve your life?  I know they would for me!

The Super Duper Ice Cream Maker
by Kate (2nd grade)

     If I were a great inventor, I would invent my Super Duper Ice Cream Maker.  It will make your favorite ice cream.
     This is how it would work.  First, you have to press a Star button.  Next, it goes on a table that can move.  Then, there is a computer that can pick whatever flavor ice cream you want.  Finally, you press a button, and it will be done.  

     My invention would help all people who want dessert.  Another awesome feature of my invention is that my machine can drive!

     I think the ice cream that my machine makes would be delicious!

The Delicious Dining Table
By Natalie (3rd grade)

     If I was an inventor, I would invent The Delicious Dining Table.  It would give you what you want for dinner.  It would give you anything from any store or shop.  It would help you a lot.

     The Delicious Dining Table has its own microwave, oven, stove, and a dishwasher.  It has its own arms, and puts your food or dirty dishes in the right appliance.

     The table would help big families and allow them to choose their own snacks, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  It would save you a lot of time.

     The Delicious Dining Table would be found in kitchen stores or shops at a cheap price, just $4.99. When you buy it, you can get the color of your choice for free.

     It is very, very helpful for huge families, maybe even your family.  Come get your Delicious Dining Table today!  If you buy this invention, you will always have a great and awesome dinner!

The Distractor Bot
by Brian (4th grade)

     If I could create a new invention, it would be the "Distractor Bot."  If you have a sibling that is annoying, then the Distractor Bot is your friend.

     The Distractor Bot has long, stretchy arms and it has a TV on its square belly.  It also has a music player and a radio on its back.  The Distractor Bot even has speakers on both arms.  Whatever you tell it to do, it will do.

     The Distractor Bot would help parents and older siblings by playing with the little sibling.

     The Distractor Bot is only $7,000, plus tax.  However, if you double the price, you will get a gold robot.  The regular color is metal silver, but if you want a color that is not gold or silver, it is $1,000 more from the original price.

     Remember, if you have a sibling that is irritating, then the Distractor Bot is the invention for you!

Sun Stay Away
 by Julie (4th grade)

If I could create a new invention, it would be the "Sun Stay Away." How many times have you heard, "No, noooooo Sunscreen!" or "Ugggg, I missed a spot!"? Well soon, those words will disappear with Sun Stay Away.

The Sun Stay Away is a sunscreen that stays on for five whole days! It also is super convenient for children that will not put on sunscreen because it is sticky, uncomfortable, white, etc. This Sun Stay Away has a funny face and while your child laughs, you squeeze it and it squirts out their sunscreen!

This invention would help people that are light skinned, and especially children who hate sunscreen and who love funny things. It will also help anyone who might miss a spot while applying sunscreen!

The Sun Stay Away comes with a flash spot: a flashlight that finds the spots that you missed. It also comes in colors, so you can be purple for the day! It comes with your initials on the bottle, so everyone will know it's yours. It is now in stores for only $3.00!

The Sun Stay Away will change your family's life! You'll have so much fun in the sun, without any worries.

FFF Necklaces
By: Jennifer (5th grade)

My invention is the Friend Forever Friendship Necklace ( FFF Necklace ). Don’t you see and experience so much drama every single day? People not getting along? The FFF Necklace could fix all that. This invention would turn the worst enemies into the best of friends.
The FFF Necklace would be very easy to use. Next time you see people fighting, you simply give one half of the necklace to each person. This invention does not work immediately, unless the two people are touching each other. The further they are from one another, the longer it will take. If they are more than one mile away from each other when you give them the necklaces, you might have to wait overnight. The magic in the lockets will find the other,  like friends do. Then they will mentally pull the two people’s heart close together and connect them.when you see that the enemies have turned to friends, you can retrieve the necklaces from them. Their friendship will still stay strong as ever!
The necklaces would help people all over the world. People with friendship problems, kids who get bullied, and those who have trouble with sibling and family relationships. Without worrying about these problems, people could focus on work, school, and be stress-free. All thanks to the FFF Necklace!
My invention would only cost $14.99. It comes in any color ( even mixtures of colors! ), shapes, and size. For boys, who would rather not wear a necklace, this invention can also be invisible, or they can put it in their shirt pockets. It is heat proof, water proof, and resists to practically anything damaging. You can customize it just by picturing it in your brain, and you will never lose it, because it has a special connection to whomever it belongs to!
The future holds a friendship forever world, and it can start with you! The FFF Necklace ensures a drama-free, friendship-filled world for all!

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