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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Halloween! Monster Draw Game

ADJECTIVES, ADJECTIVES, ADJECTIVES!  They have been a big theme for my classes this year.  Without adjectives, the reader is left with an incomplete picture.  With adjectives, we see exactly what the author wants us to see and comprehend!  Size, shape, color, and number adjectives tell it all!

That was the theme of the "Halloween Monster Draw Game."  The game went as follows:

Step 1: Draw an imaginative monster.
Step 2: Describe your creature in clear detail.  Each sentence should describe a feature with size, shape, color, and number adjectives.
Step 3: Trade descriptions with a partner.
Step 4: Draw a picture of that creature based on the description.  If the description is extremely vivid, clear, thorough, and complete, the monsters will end up to be twins!
Winners got some Trick-or-Treat candy as well as a spot on the blog.  Congratulations to our winners!

Kendal's Creature (3rd grade):

     This strange animal has no fur.  It is just pink skin.  He has four heads and three eyes, and on each head is an angry, scary face with teeth.  The last to the right head has a happy face and sunglasses on.  He usually has green overalls and a peach colored undershirt and a pair of orange yellow polka-dotted shoes and a candy cane cane.  He hunts for bunnies at  midnight when the stars come out.  He has no fingers, just oval shaped palms.
 Kendal ended up having a teacher as a partner!  The students voted this one as an easy top-pick winner.  Way to go, Kendal and Mrs. Aronen!  http://seabearskindergarten.blogspot.com/

Adeline's Monster (3rd grade):
     My monster is a small, pink circle with lots of small light and dark pink fur.  She has two big green eyes withs mallet, but still big, pupils.  She has no nose, although she has a little red smile.  Also, she has a big red bow on the top of her head and tilting to her left.  The bow is outlined with a light blue.

     Her arms are purple with three fingers: one on each side, and they're horizontal.  The legs are purple too, but have five toes and are in a flower form.  She only has two legs.
     You know how I said she had a pink body?  That was the OUTLINE.  The inside is purple.

     And that is my monster.

Wow!  Charlotte (3rd grade) read Adeline's vivid description perfectly, because look what she drew!

Ritik's Monster (5th grade)
     Put the paper vertically.  The body is ten mid-sized circles that stack on top of each other vertically. Start the first circle at the bottom of the paper.  the feet are penguin feet, and there are two of them.  The arms are VERY long.  They start from the top circle.  They curve down and they end at the bottom of the paper.  The bottom three circles are green.  The three on top of that are red.  The three on top of that are orange.  The very top circle has two black eyes and one red mouth, like a human's.  The top circle is colorless.  There is a mid-sized triangle on top of the top circle.  The feet are pink and arms are blue.  

     The background is pink and purple.  There is a black fence that goes up to the circle on the very bottom.  On the top right, there is a yellow sun.  There is one arrow on the left of the monster that is pointing to the left.  There is another arrow to the right of the monster, pointing to the right.

What a thorough description!  It was so great, that Catie (5th grade) was able to produce this:

Mira's Monster (4th grade)

     My monster is very short and plump.  He has two green eyes, that are medium-sized.  His face is arranged like a human's.  He has a little, round, gray nose.  He also has a huge smiling pink mouth.  He has no teeth.

     My monster wears a bow tie.  It is purple and red.  There are seventeen purple polka-dots on his bow tie.  His head also has two neon orange ears on each side of his head.  He has one blue diamond in each ear.  He is called the KING OF DIAMONDS.

     The King of Diamonds has a big circle for his head.  He has a medium-sized body, which is also round.  His head and body are neon orange.  He has five magenta wiggly arms like noodles on each side of his body.  He has ten stick legs.  His legs are brown and he has ten black shoes.

     The King of Diamonds sits on a huge yellow throne.  "King of Diamonds" is written on top of the throne.  A blue diamond is on top of the throne.  Ten blue diamonds are on the throne.  He has a purple crown with blue diamonds on top of the crown.  
 Wow!  Mira's description was so thorough that Samantha (2nd grade) could practically draw her twin monster!

Abby's Monster (3rd grade)

     My monster's body is a spiky circle with a big spike at the top.  She has no fur.  My monster is orange.  Her eyes are large with blue middles.  She has glasses that are circular and they are much bigger than her eyes.  She has two eyes.  The nose is triangular and it is yellow.  The mouth is smiling and it is dark red.  She has a medium sized bow that is pink at the top of the big spike.  Her two arms are blue and my monster is throwing them up above her head.  The hands are like human hands, but there are only three fingers.  The legs are shaped like stairs, and they are purple.  She has two legs.  My monster has medium brown freckles.  

     The background is a school to the right of the monster.  The school is square, and it has doors that are square with a line through the middle, and four windows, two on the bottom, two on the top.  There are two circular doorknobs in the middle.  There are words above the doors that say in capital letters, "Welcome to Monster Elementary."  Above the words, there are two circular windows with pink on the bottom and red on the top, with yellow and orange next to pink.  The roof is triangular with a red cross on the top and a bunch of v's all over the brown roof.

For the 2nd and 3rd graders, this was their first time playing this descriptive game.  I was so impressed with how Abby wrote clearly enough to have Kristina (3rd grade) draw this!

GREAT WORK, and congratulations to our winners!

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