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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Postcard Stories!

The "Awesome Authors and Artists" class got to use their Backwards Land paragraphs as creative inspiration for a tall tale told in the 1st person narration.  While their "travel brochure" paragraphs were written in the 3rd person, this next assignment was told from the point of view of the author who visited that land.  Some places were delightful and had students reporting wonderful adventures and fun times. Others were terrible and led to awful experiences!  Enjoy these two VERY different vacation reports!

Emma (5th grade) wrote about Yckutnek, a fun town where forgetful people stick to traditions and enjoy music and get-togethers.  It should be mentioned that the police department has some VERY strict rules...

Dear Grandpa,

     Yckutnek is great, but it wasn't too fantastic when I got here!

     First, I got here blindfolded in a wagon.  (They didn't want me to know the way.)  Then when we finally got the hotel, the manager forgot who I was.  The Yekcutnek people are very forgetful.  We were there for hours, and finally they remembered me.  The room was very nice.  I was so tired from the long check-in, I fell asleep on the floor.

     The next morning, I woke up in hail.  It turns out the police got mad at me for sleeping on the floor and not the bed.  Fortunately, the next hour, they let me out.  That morning, I had muffins for breakfast.  A bunch of people came up and met me.  They were very nice.

     After breakfast, I went to play jump rope in the town square.  (That was Monday's activity.)  That night, we danced to traditional Yckutnek music.  The people forget a lot of things here, but they didn't forget their dance moves!

     Things are still going great.  I bought a snow globe of the town for you.  I miss you, and wish you could come.  I don't want to go home!

      Much love,

Ritik's (5th grade) Kroy Wen is the complete opposite of New York!  It has a tiny population and is not anything like the exciting city that never sleeps.  Read on, and visit only if you dare!

Dear Ryan,

     I am in the most horrible place in the world: Kroy Wen.

     I got here by a private helicopter because no pilot dares to come here.  The hotel is terrible.  There is mold EVERYWHERE.  The hotel food is so plain.  It was a little serving of rice and water.

     The next day, I decided to go exploring.  I saw a sign that said, "Population: 50."  I hated the people.  They would stand around for twenty minutes, then sit for twenty minutes.  There are weird rules here, like "NO talking allowed!" and "No standing closer than five yards next to someone."  The worst rule is that you CANNOT ever leave!  I learned that rice and water are the only foods.  The only activities are to sleep, stand, sit, run, walk, and eat, unfortunately.  You have to sleep on concrete.  Everyone is forbidden to talk.

     I cannot leave, so please come get me!


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