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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Great Inventions!

To celebrate Thomas Edison's birthday (February 11, 1847 in case you were wondering), I had all of my classes brainstorm on a great invention they could create in their imaginations.  What could they think of, make, design, or build that would improve people's lives?

We started the activity by learning a little bit about Thomas Edison's no-quit attitude.   We then brainstormed ideas on the board and named inventions (or simply described them if we weren't ready to name them).  Once everyone had an idea in mind, we outlined the following:

~Name of invention and one sentence description
~More detailed explanation of the invention and how it would work
~Whom it would help
~Other interesting facts (appearance, cost, etc.)
~A quick summary/conclusion with a descriptive adjective

Once we filled in these important pieces of information, the students realized they had a neatly organized 5-paragraph essay waiting to be written in front of them!

There were so many amazing inventions that it was hard to pick just a few to share with all of you.  Here are some that I think you will agree would really improve the quality of life.  (This first one is an invention after my own heart.....)  Who knows?  Maybe we'll be seeing these items on store shelves soon!

"The Hold Everything Box," by Ryan (4th grade)

     If I could create something, it would be the "Hold Everything Box," the invention that can hold anything!  Any mom who needs to clean up their children's toys or needs more storage space will no longer have to use tons of boxes.

     The "Hold Everything Box" can turn from a tiny cube to a huge storage bin with just one touch of a button.  By simply touching the button on the top of the "Hold Everything Box," it will turn into a huge storage box.  Next, press the button again.  Within seconds, the box will shrink to a tiny fraction of the normal box size.  It is that simple.  You could put all your stuff in the box!  It would fit toys, pencils, cups, papers, and even furniture!

     It's clear that moms have kids who probably have tons of stuff everywhere.  Well, the "Hold Everything Box" can be of great help to the moms and the children.  It could hold as much storage as you want.  The mothers can take a deep breath and the kids don't have to decide which toy, paper, or item to throw away because there is no more room in the house!

     It only costs $20, and one can choose any color or design!  From red to blue to polka dots and stripes, to anything!  The "Hold Everything Box" will always be yours.

     In conclusion, the "Hold Everything Box" is very useful to everyone, especially moms.

Here is a great sample from one of my youngest students.  Even my 1st graders were able to complete a very simple story map and convert it to a short essay.  Sammie (1st grade) truly invented something that would help ALL kids....

     I will invent The Magic Cookie Machine.  If your mom says you can't have a cookie, you can sneak them all day.  It would look like a toy, and you have to type different codes to get different types of yummy cookies.  It looks like a rainbow, but when my mommy walks by, it turns invisible so she can't see it.  My Magic Cookie Machine would be so so awesome!

Here is an invention EVERYBODY wishes they had!

"The Back Scratcher Robot," by Zara (3rd grade)

     My invention would be a Back Scratcher Robot.  The Back Scratcher Robot would scratch your back in the spots that were about to itch!

     It would take five minutes for installation.  To start the machine, you press a tiny blue button.  Then, a metal hand with just the right sized fingernails for your back would come down from a projector-like machine, in slow motion.

     This machine would help people with dry and itchy backs.  Don't you think buying plastic backscratchers or using your poor little children to scratch your back is bad?

     The Back Scratcher Robot would be very calm and relaxing for your back.  You can buy one at www.Z.com.

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